'Little big mouth'
Bouzouki front view Bouzouki reverse view Bouzouki side view Bouzouki headstock detail Bouzouki rosette detail

A unique custom one off acoustic instrument designed especially for John Duffy to suit his own unique style of playing. The sound hole and shape is based on the 'grand bouche' (French for 'big mouth') gypsy design, but smaller – hence the name…

What happens if you cross a bouzouki with a gypsy style guitar?

When John asked me that question I really had no idea and there was only one way to find out.

A long time was spent in the design process – a full size gypsy style guitar shape was way too big for such a slender neck. After several re-drawings it was gradually re-proportioned and tweaked until we arrived at this shape; comfortably small and balanced.

As this instrument was made to replace John's old favourite bouzouki which he'd just about worn out, we were both a little concerned what it would sound like – Fortunately it belies its size and has since become his main instrument.

Find out more and hear it played.

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Bouzouki specification
Back and sides Soundboard Neck Inlays Binding Rosette Bridge Pickups Hardware colour Finish type Finish colour
Mahogany Cedar Mahogany Fretboard: none
Heastock logo: mother of pearl
Ebony Custom Fishman dual source Chrome Gold Matt Natural

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