One of my earliest memories - holding my red plastic guitar - the windmill was playing... Suddenly realised I was playing along & it sounded 'right'.

I went to the local guitar maker and asked if he could teach me. He said no but said a guitar manufacturer had just moved to Coventry. I knocked on the door & they said 'if only you'd come yesterday!' Some weeks later I got a call "still want the job?"... I jumped at the chance.

I made the most of it. I learned a lot from great guitar makers like Patrick, Rob, and Trevor. I used to stay behind at dinner time, draw guitars on my bench and then make them. The team at Patrick Eggle was like a big family – I think we were all just happy to be there!

We managed to get a double-decker... wanted to put a studio in it. The Depot – a youth music project with pro studio and sound courses run by Mike Roberts & Den Hands - supported us.

After the Eggle factory closed down I wanted to carry on making guitars. I couldn't afford a workshop so I ended up using the bus! Made 001 and started planning the first BYO evening classes!

Our first BYO student's – Laurence Tressler (BYO-1) and Nigel Meffen (BYO-2) – after two nights a week for twelve weeks.

Six deposits!! The Depot let us use their office space for a display and six people signed up to the course!

By this time there were 18 – we could all go to the pub together!

Made 10 guitars & all 18 BYOers came. Prize in the NME. Got spotted by Guitarist. Chance put our stand opposite Martin Taylor's and we were invited to his festival in Scotland to do a demo.

Features editor Matt Swaine came on the course and reported back to the magazine. Originally a two pager, but the 'swainer matt-o-caster' build took up four. An overwhelming response... we were blown away.

We arrived in our big van and did guitar making workshops every day throughout the festival. It was great and we felt very welcome – a seed was planted...

One corner of a giant barn just outside Coventry on a farm...after 10 mins of work no-one seemed or notice the lack of walls (these came later).

In the end we ran it with just one student as he was so keen... in his garage. Little did we know then that it would be the first of many in Scotland.

It was a real buzz to do something with kids that everyone thought would be impossible and it kept us all out of trouble for the summer.

The kids designed and made four new guitars for their school and got excellent feedback from both the school and the parents.

LSR tuners were difficult to get hold of, so we became the European distributor. Sadly no longer in production.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and persistence of Adey McGuire our filmmaker, the first VHS of our course was made and launched.

After attending the Kirkmichael Int. Guitar Festival for three years running, it got harder to leave every time. We decided to move up just before the next KIGF so we didn't have to.

The first Bailey acoustic was finished as part of my live demo at KIGF.

I was approached to write a book by a publisher in London. We got as far as making a mock up cover and 8 pages but the deal fell through... so I was determined to finish the book on my own.

An arts festival in Italy where I made a guitar from scratch over 6 days as a live demo. We also made a lot of friends. And drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of pasta...

Dave came on our BYO course and got the bug. Using his engineering skills and what he learnt on the course he created some excellent devices which we still use today to make some of our production models.

First build in tent - 13 hrs – Tommy etc. The first live build in a very short timescale – start from scratch Fri night... played on Sunday in festival finale... by Tommy Emmanuel... no pressure then.

Basic using plastic pipe, but it worked. The second mill was formed from a scrap pushbike...worked even better.... hmmm

Took the workshop to Italy to run a course – Vito built a guitar and played it at the finale.

First live build at a major show.

Invited to run a workshop about guitar making and archtop building. Amazing converted church venue...

Bailey Guitars Make History!

Met Barry of Torres Amps at a show... seemed like a perfect match so offered use of our workshop for a course or two.

A solar and wind powered workshop in a tent on a field. Using the first BYO mill, built a guitar and it was signed by the main stage acts.

Invited to exhibit among 30 UK luthiers at The Hub.

Our Solar & wind installation connected to grid and we start making our own.

New courses, to meet the different needs of potential builders, including the first week long course.

Access to the workshop goes viral... a whole new way of working.

New website & shop. A huge project and major step forward for us...

Finally this is available...